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From photography to graphic design, from audiovisual creations to writing columns. What medium I need to express my creativity!

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Customer Service

We take the time to get to know not only your project, but also your company and your environment through regular communication with the team in charge.

Full Stack Developpers

From database design to web application development, systems integration to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and software product development, we have the experience, expertise, and technology to build your next software application.

Custom Development

Custom software development is our speciality and is the essence of the company – this is what we like to do and what we excel in.

Previous Projects

our overall experience

All together we had many experiences on various projects
from different companies


Derivatives Market

Over 25 years experience on Clearing and Brokerage Applications for Futures & options on derivatives markets. Built 2 of the leading Clearing & Matching engines for worldwide exchange connectivity. Major participant as software vendor for reconciliation tools for transactions, positions, initial margin, feed and cash balance.


MIFID II Reporting for OTC Brokers

Addressing new regulation reporting needs : Automatic Customer Trades confirmation MIFID II reporting : APA trade publication , ARM reporting, Market Abuse , OTF reporting

Development of connectors for derivatives trading applications for confirmation and regulation reporting (EfetNet / Acer Remit) Improving Front to Back workflow STP implementation from execution to brokerage on various instruments :

Fixed income Energy Derivatives Interest Rate Derivatives Equity Derivatives Brokerage fees calculation and billing export to Back office solution


Clearvision & Emos Futures softwares

Architecture, Development, Deployment and 24/5 worldwide support on Exchange Middle Office Systems @ EMOS FUTURES and @ GL TRADE, Covering derivatives markets around the globe. Reconciliation tools Emos RT.


Tenor and Norma softwares

Architecture and Development on Derivatives Matching & Clearing and Back Office Software @ MAESTRO and @ MATIF SA, Mainly covering European markets.


Follow repairman to manage their travelling expenses (real time location gathering)

Mobile development iOT Data collection into NoSql Database End User supervision web application Third party application integration.


Collect vehicle journeys to provide driver behaviours

Deployment and maintenance of Hadoop cluster High volume realtime integration of data provided by telematic providers Data incoherence detection and filtering Data aggregation fo user data visualisation Fancy graphical restitution for data human exploration.


Remote Medics

Project management and coordination of several teams for the region @ GCS TELESANTE HAUTE-NORMANDIE on tele-radiology and tele-dermatology.

the Infine team

Meet the Team


We provide comprehensive range of services including the development of web applications, business software solutions, software enhancements and updating, support, maintenance of software applications

We are a start up company created by 3 professional individuals who decided to join forces. Having previously worked together on many projects we believe we can make a positive impact on the industry; by producing excellent software and combining that with an unparalleled level of service. This allows us to deliver projects on-time and on-budget.